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Original Sprout

Vegan Hair and Skin Products
Made by a Mom, Loved by Moms

Inga Tritt, Mom & Master Stylist,
creates soothing, safe, and effective
products for families and stylists.

Healthy & Natural

Family-friendly, safe, and soothing products made with natural and organic ingredients, created just for you.

Products that Work

Effective for every hair and skin type. It leaves you feeling smooth, soft, and healthy.

Worry-Free Luxury

Also for Moms! Enjoy the Tahitian Collection created just for you.


'Baby's First Bath Kit'

Our safe products leave baby’s skin soft and smelling wonderful.  Now being used in hospitals for Baby’s First Bath

Inga featured in The Beauty Industry Report’s Latest Issue

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Get Informed! Healthy & Natural

Original Sprout uses only the safest, soothing, organic and natural ingredients.

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"Original Sprout leaves hair ultra hydrated, clean & silky - the finest natural brand we can't live without!"

-Colleen LaBaff,
Celebrity Stylist

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Made by a Mom, Loved by Moms & Stylists

Inga Tritt founded Original Sprout® in 2003. The name Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya in 2002.

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