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Styling Baby and Toddler Hair: All We Need to Know

Styling baby and toddler hair is always best with a natural, moisturizing approach. Keeping baby’s skin and scalp healthy from the beginning means lifelong healthy habits. Original Sprout’s gentle Hair&Body Babywash and ultra soothing Deep Conditioner that use natural moisturizers help keep our children’s delicate hair and skin healthy and soft, resulting in stress-free styling.


Working with what we have

At birth, our baby may have a full, thick head of hair, or they can be completely bald—both are normal. Babies born with hair will likely experience some hair loss in the first few months of life, often resulting in some styling challenges and hilarious photo opportunities. Don’t worry. As I find with most stages of childhood development, “This too shall pass.”

By age one, if not earlier, our baby’s hair usually begins a normal growth cycle. New hair may have a mind of its own at first, because the chemical structure of the hair is in the formation stage. Don’t worry. Our Natural Hair Balm was created to safely and gently transform frizzy, baby flyaways and cowlicks into adorable baby styles. Even barrettes stay in place with our family-friendly Hair Balm.


Taking the gentlest approach

Your baby is perfect. Just think…baby-soft flawless skin and glistening locks are what we all want! The most gentle cleansing and styling routine helps protect our children’s health and beauty from the beginning. We use a paraben and sulfate-free shampoo/baby wash combo that gently cleanses away dirt and excess oils without drying skin or tangling our hair. Then we follow with a baby-friendly soothing conditioner that helps protect the hair shaft and makes for tangle-free brushing. Our entire family enjoys the combo because our skin and hair are baby soft.


Styling tips

Once we have clean, healthy hair, it’s easy and fun to play with hairstyles. Before brushing we spritz on a gentle detangler which makes combing a breeze, so styling is a pleasure for everyone. Our non-drying Natural Hair Gel helps hold the little frizzies and flyaway’s that are typical in babies, toddlers and new moms in place. Our Hair Gel helps protect new and delicate hair from breakage and leaves hair soft, silky and tame…never stiff or crunchy. Our Curl Calmer transforms frizzy curls into silky, soft ringlets with extra conditioning. The Hair Balm is a must for short hairs—especially fragile, breakable hairs in the hairline. The Balm helps protect the “Little Sprouts” so hair can grow longer and stay in place.

When it comes to styling baby and toddler hair, remember the golden rules: healthy + happy = beautiful! (That goes for us moms too!)

Swimmer's Hair

After years of doing hair we found the easiest, most effective way to remove green deposits from swimmer’s hair. The green tinged known as swimmer’s hair is caused by chemicals in the water that bind to the hair. The best way to avoid it is to seal the hair shaft prior to swimming so that the chemicals have nothing to bond to. If you do get swimmer’s hair, it’s very easy to reverse the chemical process that caused it and get the green out. We use these easy tips at home and at our favorite salons!

1.  Anti-Green Swimmers Paste: One effective treatment for many hair types is to mix a paste with a few crushed aspirin tablets*, baking soda & warm water. The paste is applied to warm hair after washing hair with a Natural Shampoo. Rinse out after 5 minutes. Finish with a thorough rinse and Deep Condition to restore moisture & shine.

2. Weekly Green Detox Dissolve a few aspirin in a cup of warm water and pour it on warm, wet hair after shampooing. Let hair sit for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.  Always condition after treatments or hair can become dry and course. Using a leave-in conditioner post detox is especially useful to restore softness, moisture & shine.

3. Green-Hair Prevention Before going swimming, thoroughly dampen hair in the shower & apply a pH balanced leave-in conditioner or hair oil.  This way the cuticle (hair) is filled with soothing moisture & less likely to soak up chemicals. After swimming, shampoo & condition for silky, hydrated, healthy hair.

4. Make your own anti-chlorine shampoo The active ingredient in many swimmer’s shampoos is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). We make our own by mixing our moisturizing baby wash with baking soda. Five minutes with this do-it-yourself mix leaves our hair feeling amazing!  It’s like a deep cleanse, helping to lift away mineral deposits & getting the green out for healthy, revitalized swimmer’s hair. We always follow shampooing with a UV-based conditioner to leave hair brilliant, smooth & silky soft.

Remember unprotected dry hair is like a sponge which readily absorbs chemicals, making it more likely to become green, dry, coarse and prone to damage.  The best way to prevent hair from becoming dry is by using moisturizing shampoos & conditioners.

Enjoy, and happy swimming from Original Sprout!

Shaving Time!

We love to use the Hair&Body Babywash as a shave gel, perfect for getting a smooth shave. The Deep Conditioner can be used as a body mask after shaving in the shower, to rinse off for closed pores to minimize razor burn. For ultra moisture smooth skin follow after shower with our Tahitian Hair Oil, and our Scrumptious Baby Cream for an all day moisturizing dream!!!

Face&Body Sunscreen doubles as a Make-up Primer

We use the Face&Body Sunscreen SPF daily as a Make-Up Primer. We originally got the tip from celebrity make-up artists who kept ordering our Face&Body Sunscreen and were given this tip that turned into our own personal daily routine. The SPF is a non-greasy non-nano particle formula which will keep any toxins in the make-up you use from entering your system, but works perfectly to create an even tone under make up. I have even noticed I need to refresh my powder less often when I use our Face&Body Sunscreen as a primer before I apply the rest of my make-up.

Check out our Celebrity testimonials for more info.