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"Natural Organic Vegan hair care, bath, and styling products for the entire Family"
EU Compliant "Safe & Soothing" Ingredients


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Original Sprout is proud to be loved by moms, celebrity moms and world renown Hollywood stylists.  Explore below to see what each is saying about our products!

"I just have to tell you....I tried the hair mist and that stuff is fantastic! Love it!!!"
Nina L. Sept 2016
I purchase your products from your site for my daughter. I was very impressed that your company took the time to address the issue of counterfeit products. To me, that is a testament to how much you care about the safety of your consumers and the integrity of your company. Thank you for maintaining such high quality standards. We will be ordering your products for our daughter on a continued basis!
Jessica L. - September 2016
One day, I was walking through Whole Foods and discovered a simple, white bottle with Leave-In Conditioner. After reading the ingredients, I thought I would give it a try. I have been using the Leave-In Conditioner for 2 years now and am sooooooo happy! The texture that your conditioner has is very difficult to find and is perfect!! The lovely light lotion texture works wonders on my curly hair. When people compliment my long, curly hair and ask me what "gel" or "mousse" I use on my hair, I say: "I just wash my hair, apply this wonderful Leave-In Conditioner by Original Sprout generously and just let it air dry!"
Sincerely, Doreen - August 2016
I had never heard of the brand until my best friend who happens to be a cosmetologist at a kids salon, mentioned it to me for my son's cradle cap. That was at least a year ago and I haven't used anything else since! I can't get enough of the smell of the hair/body wash combo! I love that it doesn't make my son's eyes irritated if he gets soap in them. You guys definitely have a customer for life!
Kenna M. - August 2016
I use the leave-in conditioner for babies on my son and myself since I also have baby fine hair. It does not weigh down my hair; it's the best. I trust these products completely!
Monica L. - May, 2016
I found the baby hair & body wash at Sprouts store. I had just completed radiation(breast/lymph area). And I was looking for a fragrance free gentle natural soap to use. When I read that Calendula was the second ingredient I knew I had to try it. I've been using this product for two weeks and along with Calendula ointment & lotion my body is healing. thank you for this awesome product.
Yvonne Y. - February, 2016
Myself and my son have very tight spiral curls, and the Curl Calmer is the best product we have ever used. Made all the better because it is paraben free!
Elicia G. - May, 2016
Best products ever! I have tried everything with my daughters hair and this is truly amazing! Great for curly/wavy/thick hair plus it smells awesome we love the miracle detangler
Sammi M. - March, 2016
Curly hair problems solved with original sprout. Our old routine involved spending half an hour in the shower untangling with conditioner and a comb, pinning hair before bed which usually falls out, and various ever so promising detangling sprays. The products are usually to sticky and we have another tangle forming, a hot mess altogether and feels like the hair is caked with product. Until we came across Original Sprout at Pigtails and Crewcuts. We have been hooked since that day. The miracle detangling actually works and the shampoo and conditioner are perfect. Great product!
Kayla L - February, 2016
I recently tried out the "Island Bliss" line and it smells absolutely amazing! Not only does it smell amazing, but it makes my hair feel silky soft. I will not hesitate to order from those company, their customer service is impeccable and their products are superior. Thank you so much!
Irene N - September, 2015
Absolutely LOVE these products! The best for maintaining my daughter's long hair.
Jodi R - May, 2016
I am very selective of what I put in my hair/scalp and what I wash my baby's hair with. I have seborrhea and everything makes me break out, except this shampoo and conditioner. I have spent hundreds on shampoos trying to figure out what works for me and went through so many brands that were quote on quote organic and free of chemicals and I have to say this is hands down the best! I have super long hair and I have no problem maintaining my hair soft, healthy and irritation free with this shampoo. I haven't had to use or take medication for seborrhea ever since I switched to original sprout!
Nancy E - March, 2015
The hair and body wash is absolutely incredible. I am nearing my 30's, and my skin still acts as though it's going through puberty- but since using the H&Bwash, my skin is glowing and clean and happy. Plus- it smells great, and it's gentle on my young sons hair and body. Not one complaint! Love love love Original Sprout!
Holly L. - March, 2015
Hands down the best detangler EVER! They're not kidding when they say "Miracle Detangler"! Love it! Thank you!
Sam H. - June, 2015
Simply incredible! This is hands down the best hair care line I have ever used and I have tried a ton of upper end ones. I love that my kids (1 & 4) can use the same shampoo that I use and have such fantastic results. Clean yet soft and don't even get me started on the scent...so relaxing and well just yummy. Love love love this company and can't wait to try more of their products!
Jennifer H. - March, 2015
Love this product line all products work great for my sons and myself! Been using them for years on my sons with eczema and sensitive skin!
Nancy G - June, 2015
Can't thank you enough for the sunscreen. I have rosacea and am thrilled to have such a fantastic, good for your skin thing to use! I used to use a brand with nanoparticles and then I found out that they can be absorbed ....I applied some of your sunscreen the other day and it actually felt refreshing. Also I have some permanent sun damage on my lower legs maybe due to the cancer treatments I had 11 years ago that caused me to be super sun sensitive. I just wasn't aware that I was so sensitive and didn't use any sunscreen at all. Now I protect my skin so that my dark blotches don't get any worse and I am moisturizing at the same time. Lastly, I was so happy to be able to tell my sister in law about Original Sprout sunscreen and the other products as she now has 4 little grandchildren. Her daughter was searching for a product for her new baby girl Scarlett. I was proud to recommend the very best, Original Sprout !!!!!!
Kim B, August 2016
"I had never heard of the brand until my best friend who happens to be a cosmetologist at a kids salon, mentioned it to me for my son's cradle cap. That was at least a year ago and I haven't used anything else since! I can't get enough of the smell of the hair/body wash combo! I love that it doesn't make my son's eyes irritated if he gets soap in them. You guys definitely have a customer for life!"
Satisfied Facebook Mom, July 2016
I love all your products! They smell amazing! You should make a natural perfume that smells like the shampoo and conditioner or the body cream. People ask me all the time what shampoo we use because it smells so good. I have four kids and we all use it. Thank you for making an amazing product!
Ilyza S, February 2016
I have very fine hair, and I recently got it highlighted. It caused a good amount of damage to it, and when I used the Original Sprout shampoo and conditioner, it felt softer and looked a lot better just after one use. I'm very happy with it!
Mariah, June 2016
They aren’t wrong when they call this Miracle Detangler because that’s what it is to me. I have long, thick, wavy hair that tangles up even when I am brushing it. I am SO impressed by this product. Just a few sprays in my hair and I can run a brush right through it.
Sara's Beauty, Product Reviews, and More! Blog
I'm most excited about in this line is the Scrumptious Baby Cream.
All Things Abby Blog
Island Bliss Shampoo smelled like I was taking a trip to the tropics and all of my worries of the day were gone
The Blog Diva Blog
I honestly cannot express how much I love the Original Sprout Beauty line!!!
Free Is For Me Blog
About this time each year it's little dreary and we could all use a little pick me up. This year mine came in the form of the Tahitian Collection, from Original Sprout. Their tropically inspired Tahitian Collection includes a flawless, nanoparticle-free Face & Body Sunscreen, Moisturizing Hair Oil, and used with the Shampoo and Conditioner leaves you spoiled with a little taste of the tropics.
Networking Witches Blog
Their products are natural and safe for the entire family to use! By stocking our shower with Original Sprout products, it keeps our shower clutter free and I don'have to worry that the toddler will grab the wrong bottle any more.
Mudpies and Tiaras Blog
This Quick Release formula ""makes tough tangles history."" I'll definitely spritz this on my hair after washing it because my thick, Asian hair is definitely prone to tangles.
See, Shop, Love Blog
Their New Island Bliss Shampoo not only helps preserve color and shine but it leaves hair healthier than ever
Mary's Cup of Tea Blog
My favorite of the four is the Miracle Detangler because it is handy and easy to use, especially for someone like me who has long and fine hair.
Simply Me Blog
Little Miss has moderate psoriasis; which means that we have to be very careful about the products we use on her. That is one of the reasons I love Original Sprout, Worry-Free Luxury Natural Family Collection.
Adventures of 8 Blog
The packing was great and the product itself was amazing. I love the soothing sensation after the application and the scents are mild, which is great.
A Mother of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Blog
It also was great and my daughter let me rinse it out and a little got in her eyes and it seem not to bother her at all which was very nice. That was a real plus
Emmy's Deals Blog
Original Sprout gets it~ they know you can't have one without the other. What you put into your body or on your body makes a difference
Free Is For Me Blog
My hair looks very shinny and smooth after I used it. Hubby took a picture of my hair that you can see the picture below.
Wonderful Things in Life Blog
I was relieved and over joyed when I found out all of Original Sprout products gave my kids salon quality but can be purchased without hurting my wallet at all. The prices on thier website are not good, they are GREAT!
Because My Momma Says So Blog
This is one of the first products that I have found that actually works on every type of hair. My hair is thick and coarse. It soften my hair and didn't leave my hair dry and needing more products to replace the moisture lost.
The Free Chic Blog
Not only does it smell heavenly, but it made my hair feel soft and tangle-free! And unlike some other shampoos and conditioners, it didn't seem to weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy. Yay! :)
The Proverbs 31 Mama Blog
I tried applying it on my face and I love it as it is truly non-greasy. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and non-dry or irritable.
Love Home Grow Garden Blog
My daughter has thick, curly, long hair and it usually takes a really long time to brush through it. The stylist sprayed on the Original Sprout Miracle Detangler and got through her hair in less than 2 minutes!
A Mom's Take Blog
Anyways, I knew that one of the benefits of this product was to help with cradle cap, but didn't really pay attention for a couple of days. When I did check their scalps I was amazed by how it was actually working!
Housewife Mama Blog
Well, you don't have to worry about products that have harsh chemicals because there's one great place called originalsprout.com that uses only organic botanicals that will work great on your kids and even you too.
Mile High Mom Blog
Original Sprout- after about a month of using it made all of our hair feel soft, moist and looks amazing! I have to admit, my hair has not looked this good since I was a teenager, you know before baby(s) damage!
Just Trying to Save Money Blog
The natural shampoo and conditioner were fabulously thick like the lotion had been. what i like most was the scent. its a low key mild scent which can be used for babies, children, men or women.
Princess Among Superheroes Blog
The conditioner was also very easy to apply to my hair and quick to rinse out, and the scent was to die for, it almost left me feeling as though I had just been in Tahiti on vacation for 10 minutes and definitely made me want to jump back in the shower and do it all over again.
The Kids Did It Blog
Hooper explains that having good skin is the first step to amazing makeup, and some of Kerry's favorites include Original Sprout Baby Cream
Popsugar Blog
A non-greasy oil that is great for the hair and skin! The smell reminds me of summer and all the good things it brings!
Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom Blog
I just loved the way this smells and feels, it isn't greasy and absorbs into the skin fast, I really like that the whole family can use this and it doesn't smell too feminine or too much for a baby, And it is all Natural and Organic which is even better knowing it will not hurt your skin.
Sue's Reviews Blog
I loved the simple look of the products and it made me excited to try them out. We reviewed several of the Original Sprout infant products. I really liked that the scent was pleasant and wasn't strong and the bottles were sturdy enough to stay closed but easy for adults to open.
Mommy May We Blog
I am seriously so impressed, and I liked that the formula had no Phtalates (I have obessively been researching and scaring myself over them). The shampoo is a Perfect 10 in my books.
Beauty Fool Blog
I like that it left my hair and my daughter's hair soft, shiny and manageable. The best part is that this doesn't make your hair oily and if doesn't weigh it down either.
Mommie of 2 Blog
The kids' hair care experts here at Pigtails & Crewcuts aren't the only ones who love Original Sprout. The product line was recently selected by Soleil Moon Frye (aka Punky Brewster) to feature on the Today Show as part of the "Great New Inventions from Moms and Dads Next Door" segment.
Pigtails & Crewcuts Blog
I was first introduced to Original Sprout when my son was about two years old. As soon as I tried it I wondered why I wasted money on any other bath and hair product. It’s completely natural, vegan, organic and gentle enough for the most delicate skin and has the BEST smell. I mean, you could eat the stuff it’s so organic (but don’t)! The Hair and Body wash, Leave in Conditioner and Baby Scrumptious Cream are staples for my little guy. The washes are easy on the eyes, leaves his hair clean and shiny and the cream is so rich and keeps his skin hydrated without feeling greasy. I personally love the Tahitian Hair Oil for the ends of my hair and I use it on my body sometimes too (it’s super hydrating for both). The Miracle Detangler is a MUST when coming out of the pool and after sweaty work outs. We’re expecting baby number two soon and she will start her on Original Sprout from birth! I feel so good knowing that we’re using safe, organic and cruelty free products that work so well for the entire family
Nazneen Contractor
"Dear Inga, Rowan is already a fan & will not let me brush her wet hair until I put on the "smooth stuff first." Because of the detangler we now don't fight about hair brushing or combing. Thank you!"
Brooke Shields - Mom & Actress
"Thank you! Roman & I take baths nightly and love your great bath products!"
Debra Messing & Roman - Actress & Her Son
"Thank you so much for the great products!
Cindy Crawford, Presley & Kaia - Supermodel & Her Children
Hallelujah! My vegan hair care prayers have been answered! With my ridiculously curly, and often super dry, frizzy, and out of control head of hair, finding a decent hair care product has been a lifelong quest. After I switched to a cruelty free diet, I decided the rest of my life needed to follow suit, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find a decent hair care product that would work on this unruly head of hair. Well, I didn’t find a decent one. I found an excellent one! Original Sprout is the answer to my hair care woes. And with their motto being “Worry Free Luxury,” they are just that.
Hayley Marie Norman - Actress
"Scrumptious is the perfect word to describe Original Sprout's cream. I love the way it makes my skin feel -so scrumptious!"
Marg Helgenberger - Actress
Angelina Jolie & Maddox - Actress & Her Son
"Our makeup artist, Denise Hooper, brought in your hand/body lotion and I AM HOOKED. It smells delicious and not too strong. We even have a joke about it on set because when we moisturize our hands and legs with it - everyone asks what that delicious smell is!? Plus, it's the perfect amount of moisture. It does a great job without leaving you feeling greasy. The best part too is the natural, vegan ingredients which lets me know it's safe and non-toxic. Thank you so much - I will always have it in my home and continue to use it!"
Katie Lowes - Actress & Director
"I have had a lot of celebrities in my chair that can't find a good organic hair product line. Now I finally have something I seriously love to recommend. Original Sprout is by far the best organic product on the market, now a days you have to be careful, because the chemicals are so harmful & unnecessary. Thank you for making an amazing vegan line I'm proud to share with everybody"
Michelle Rene - Celebrity Stylist
"It may just be the best thing you have used all year! Hair is left shiny and healthy, smells are pleasant, styling products can handle any trend and the body lotion is one of the best on the market."
Alyson Black - Celebrity Stylist
Dayna Devon & Emmi Reese - Actress & Her Daughter
"Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream is the solution to hydration without toxic chemicals. As a make-up artist & mom, I am concerned about ingredients...O.S. answered that concern with products that deliver! I love Worry-Free Luxury! I use the products on my adult clients & family."
Lizbeth Williamson - LA Celebrity Makeup Artist
"I have been using these products now for 2 months. I and everyone else that uses them is delighted by their natural ingredients leaving the hair feeling in great condition.
Martin Samuel - Agent: Montana Artists
"The Original Sprout balm is a real find ...I use it daily myself...Not only does it really perform but it is also so gentle, natural and is fragrance free ..."
Art Luna - Celebrity Stylist
"I love the scrumptious baby cream! Expect a crush or two if you slather on this lovely fresh scent."
Denise Hooper - Makeup Artist from the set of Off The Map in Hawaii
"The styling balm is my favorite product on the market. I have thick short hair & like to give it extreme texture. The Balm does just that WITHOUT a greasy, sticky, heavy look. In addition, it washes out without any build up. Am so over all the impure, unnatural products that i used in the past (due to causing acne along the hairline & face). Original Sprouts is acne free & Worry Free!"
Joey Perla - Wardrobe Stylist
"Thank you for your superior performing products...we love them!"
Beth Miller - Celebrity Stylist
"No more excuse for parabens and chemicals when the makers of Original Sprout come up with such great eco-friendly products. Clean, healthy, effective and yummy smelling!"
Caroline Dhavernas - Off the Map
"I try to leave the lightest footprint I can and Original Sprout is simply spectacular. It's good for the whole planet and it's good for me too."
Jorja Fox - CSI Vegas
"My skin is smooth & soft with Sprout.... I'm delighted & allergy free!"
Brenda Vaccaro - Academy Award Winning Actress
"The Balm & the Natural Hair Gel is the best product I've every used. I use Sprout on all my clients, it really performs. Thank you Inga, you are truly amazing."
Chris McMillan - Celebrity Stylist
"I just wanted you to know the McDermott/Spelling family LOVE Original Sprouts. We've been using them for a while now, and are totally addicted to it. Thank You for a wonderful product."
Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling - Actor & Actress
"Original Sprout leaves hair ultra hydrated, clean & silky. We use the products on children & adults. It is our favorite organic line - we love it! Thank you Inga for all your efforts, they have culminated into the finest natural brand available, of which we can't live without."
Colleen LaBaff - LA Hair Artist
"As a vegan I have always had to chose between supporting my politics vs. products that work. Who knew I could have both! Original Sprout is ethical & the products perform. In addition, the shampoo has relieved my little rescue dog's severe dermatitis. So let's review: VEGAN, CHECK, CONSCIOUS COMPANY, CHECK. And most amazingly, actually works? Check, Check, Check. I think I'm in love."
Jonathan Slavin - Star of ABC's Better Off Ted
I would really like to use your products on my clients after color . What i have noticed most about the shampoo and conditioner is even after swimming and rinsing off my hair feels nourished. Also the health of my hair !!!! luster came back, as i said before about the fragrance its so soft and doesn't linger , i am very sensitive to how kind your sprouts are on my hair.
Jonathan Gale - Celebrity Stylist
Original Sprout products were used on-set in the 2011 George Clooney Drama-Comedy "The Descendants" directed by Alexander Payne.
Original Sprout products were used on-set on the HBO Comedy "The Comeback" starring Lisa Kudrow.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Glee.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Sean Flanigan - R.I.P.D..
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Californication.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Milk.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Hitchcock.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of CSI Las Vegas.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Community.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Off the Map.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Hawaii Five-0.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Jonah Hex.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of No Country For Old Men.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Men In Black III.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Dolphin Tale 3D.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Wall Street II.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Secratariat.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of Water for Elephants.
Original Sprout Products were used on the set of True Blood.