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Exfoliating Wash Towel

Now Available for Individual Purchase - Perfect Accompaniment to Any Shower

  • Reaches Tough Spots – Our 35” X 11” extra long design makes it easy to reach all areas of the body including the back and feet. Your Original Sprout Hair and Body Babywash will reach new heights of lather and cleaning.

  • Cleans Pores & Provides Complete Body Exfoliation – Eliminates and removes dirt, oils, and impurities which build-up on the skin and contributes to blemishes, acne, and dull, dry, uneven skin tone.

  • Preps Skin for Treatment – Gently buffs away dead skin cells, opening clogged pores. Stimulates your skin and blood circulation, great cellulite massage. Your fresh new skin will be perfectly prepped to absorb our Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream hydrating and moisturizing even more then before.

  • Care & Cleaning – Made from 60% nylon 40% polyester, this wash towel will rinse 100% clean after each use. Air dries quickly and completely – No Mold! No Mildew! No Bacteria! More sanitary then a loofah!

Price: $5.75