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Original Sprout

"Natural Organic Vegan hair care, bath, and styling products for the entire Family"
EU Compliant "Safe & Soothing" Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

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Company Information

Where is Original Sprout located?

San Clemente, California

How long has Original Sprout been in business?

Original Sprout was established in 2002

Who is your Founder and how was the Company founded?

Inga Tritt. Please click on this link to be relocated to our "Founder" page dedicated to our lovely CEO and her wonderful purpose.

I have a lot of allergy concerns, what main allergens are your products specifically "Free and Clean" of?

Our products are completely Free & Clean of the following common allergens: Gluten, Soy, Formaldehyde, Artificial colors, Lavender, Tea Tree, Dairy, Peanuts, Honey and Strawberry.

When you advertise that your products are 'Safe for babies & up!" Exactly how young of a baby can I use your products on?

ALL Original Sprout products are 100% safe for babies of all ages, even the teeniest of tiny newborns. We're proud to say that our Hair and Body Baby Wash has recently been chosen to replace other brands in one of the largest hospitals in San Francisco, California Pacific Medical Center for use in Baby's First Bath.

Why is Original Sprout not on the Skin Deep/EWG website as an approved product?

While the EWG is a great website and has a lot of good information, the facts on there are not always scientifically based. With our products being sold in the EU (UK, Germany, Spain, France) we must be E.U. Directive compliant and Prop 65 compliant, therefore are required to be third party tested and regulated by scientifically based organizations. All of our ingredients must be independently tested for any kind of contaminants, allergens or cancer causing agents. There are 1,500 ingredients in cosmetics that are banned in the EU that are currently used in the United State in cosmetics, shampoos and other health and body products. The FDA currently bans 200.

What is the Sprout Cash Rewards Program?

Original Sprout offers an online only reward program through our website, when once you have signed up and created an account through our website you are automatically eligible to start earning Sprout Cash Rewards. The way it works is, for every order you make that amounts to $100.00 or more you will earn $10.00 worth of Sprout Cash. You may use it right away for your next order or let it accrue for however long you choose, so your whole order can be covered by your Sprout Cash Rewards Points. Please keep in mind that Sprout Cash does not cover sales tax or any shipping charges. If you happen to be experiencing difficulties with applying your Sprout Cash Rewards Points to your order- please contact Customer Service at 888-805-2229 Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm & Friday 8am-4:30pm (PST)

How do I manage my earned Sprout Cash?

Once you log in, you should be able to manage it through your account information settings, there is a tab that reads "Sprout Cash" please keep in mind that each point is equivalent to one penny. For example- 1000 points converts to $10.00 worth of Sprout Cash. You are able to apply however many points to your order when you are "checking out" there will be a box that has a title above it that reads "Sprout Cash Discount" it will give you the total amount of points you have available and then the "Exchange" and then the "Amount" underneath that, it will also give you a number of how much Original Sprout Cash points it will take to pay the order in full. You may enter as many points you want to apply to your order in the box provided. Once you continue to the next step it will then review for you how much you applied and the new total of your order before you submit your order for final processing. 

Does Original Sprout have a return/exchange policy?

We do not offer any returns or exchanges. 

I dont see the question or answer I am looking for listed above, what steps should I take from here?

Our friendly Customer Service team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your online order or for any product information. Please click this link provided to be directed to our 'Contact Us" form and include as much information as possible in order for us to accurately and sufficently assist you. Our website also offers a "Live Chat" just go to the homepage of our website and click the tab on the side of the screen that reads: "NEED HELP?" Please be advised that our live chat option is only available throughout business hours. You may also call into Customer Service at 888-805-2229 between our business hours of Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am-4:30pm (PST) 

Distributor/Retailer Information

How can I become a Distributor for Original Sprout?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Original Sprout Distributor!  Please fill out our online Reseller Application to get started.

I am a licensed Esthetician/Hair Stylist am I able to purchase Original Sprout products at a wholesale price?

Please click the link provided to be taken to our Reseller Application. Please fill out as much information as possible in order to avoid any delays while in the process. You will usually be contacted within 7 business days regarding the status of your application. Thank you so much for your interest in Original Sprout Products.  

Reseller Application

Product Information

General Information

Do your products expire? How do I know how old a product is?

The Face & Body Sunscreen is the only product that contains an expiration date, listed on the top of the tube. The rest of our products contain a lot number, listed at the top of the tube, or under the bottle. The lot code can help determine the manufacture date:

D = 2013
E = 2014
F = 2015
G= 2016

000-­050 = January
051-­100 = February
101­-150 = March
151-­200 = April
201-­250 = May
251-­300 = June
301­-350 = July
351­-400 = August
401-­450 = September
451­-500 = October
501­-550 = November
551-­600 = December

This will help you determine the manufacture date. All our products have an open 24 month expiration date. For example, if the product was sitting on the shelf for 6 months before it was opened, it would still expire 24 months after the product was opened.

Why don't Original Sprout products lather? 

The reason Original Sprout products do not lather (suds or foam) is due to the main fact that we proudly do NOT contain any sulfates in any of our products. Sulfates are a chemically added surfactant in many shampoos or hair care products that helps remove any excess oils from your scalp and hair. These sulfate chemicals in hair shampoos can strip away hair moisture and natural oils, leaving your hair frizzy and your scalp vulnerable to irritations. Sodium lauryl sulfate and Ammonium lauryl sulfate are the two main sulfates that work against you when coloring your hair and even causing more irritation and dryness to those with excema. 

What are some beneficial uses for Original Sprout products?

Original Sprout products offer a large varity of beneficial uses for Excema, dandruff (cradle cap) and healthy clean skin.

I noticed that only the Natural Family Collection products state: "For Babies & Up!" but the Tahitian Family Collection does not. Is the Tahitian Family Collection not recommended/safe to use on babies or children?

The Tahitian Collection was originally aimed and developed with the non-stop, hardworking, loving and selfless new mommy in mind. We wanted to make products with the same integerity as the Natural Family Collection but also made to appeal to teens and older. With that being said, this line of products can 100% be used on your precious little ones/babies.

Are your products "tear free?" 

It is your eyes natural defense to "tear up" when you get any type of foreign substance in it, let alone soapy chemicals. Most compounds in soap are irritants, so your eyes will naturally respond with pain due to how delicate and especially essential they are for the human body. We like to advertise our products as being "sting-less" because being "tear-free" isnt all its cracked up to be and not something we would like to claim due to not adding any numbing agents such as clove oil (a popular ingredient added in many baby washes/shampoos) to our products and proudly standing by our "FREE and CLEAN" motto. Our shampoos, conditioners and babywash all have a nuetral pH of 6.0-7.0 which is the same as water! So, if our product were to get in your eyes it would cause the eye to naturally tear and remove the soap without stinging much at all and causing irritation after. 

Is Original Sprout Gluten Free?

YES! All of our products are FREE of gluten and wheat. 

Is your Parfum cruelty free?

Our proprietary blend of Parfum includes Natural extracts and synthetic fragrances. Original Sprout uses fragrances that are approved by California's Safe Cosmetics Program & the European Cosmetics Directive. By creating safe fragrances smelling good is worry­free! Our fragrances are free of ingredients linked to estrogen & hormone disruption, autism and cancer concerns such as: Phthalates, Dioxanes 1, 4, Sulfates, Parabens, Formaldehyde, Propylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Acetaldehydes, Styrene, Toluene, Glycol Ethers, Ethylene Oxide, Musk, Lavender or Tea Tree Oils, Clove, Soy, Nonylphenol, Mineral or Petroleum Oils, Triclosan, Eurethane, 1­2 Propylene Oxide, Placenta, Synthetic Colors & Titanium Dioxide or Nanoparticles.

Original Sprout is made in California. This means the Best Consumer Protection in the U.S. Only California has the Safe Cosmetics Program & Prop 65. http://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/cosmetics/Pages/default.aspx (link is external) Europe & California have banned over 1,500 endocrine disrupting, mutanogenic & carcinogenic ingredients from cosmetics. https://www.cosmeticseurope.eu/

Are any or all of your products vegan?

Yes, ALL of our products are 100% Vegan and cruelty free. We have thoroughly researched our manufacturer and verified they don’t affiliate or get ingredients from resources that are not cruelty-free for any of our products.We love animals and are against animal testing of any kind!

Are your products safe to use on color treated hair?

Yes! All of our products have a gentle pH range of 4.5-7.0 and free of any sulfates like ALS and SLS which are responsible for fading hair color fast. If you wish to maintain the vibrant color, shine and overall health of your hair it is important to know that pH levels in shampoo can affect it. The higher the pH level the harsher the shampoo is on your hair. The best pH level for shampoo is between 5 and 7. When you dye your hair, the dye opens up the cuticle so the color absorbs completely into the shaft of your hair cuticle. A pH-balanced shampoo not only helps keep cuticles closed but prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after color treating your hair. If you have a naturally oily scalp or dry ends pH balanced shampoos can help reverse damage and give you the healthy hair you deserve.

I noticed my 4oz. product tube isnt full, why is this?

The tube itself is a 5oz. tube. Our 4oz. products are actually over filled with 4.25 fluid ounces of product, and crimped at the top. So your item is not missing product, but is actually filled in a tube that would technically fit more product. We always triple check the filled product with our manufacturer.

Do any of your products act as a hair or curl relaxant?

No. All Original Sprout products have no relaxant chemicals contained in them. We advertise our products to help rid of any frizz, stubborn fly-aways and define curls -to make them easier to both manage and style and obtain clean, soft, healthy hair and scalp!

Ingredient Information

Do Original Sprout products contain tree nuts? 

We do not recommend the following Original Sprout products for customers with Tree Nut Allergies:
*Tree nuts used in the following products include: Almond, Kukui and Mongongo nuts 

Is there any Tea Tree oil in any of your products?

No, our products contain absolutely no Tea Tree oil, which can be considered as a hormone disrupter. .

Which Original Sprout products help rid of lice? What specific ingredient helps in this?

The best products we recommend are our Miracle Detangler or the Leave­ In Conditioner, it sits on the hair throughout the day, therefore acting as a shield and actually repelling the lice. The ingredient that makes this possible is Rosemary, which is a natural repellent against lice but will not cure an active lice infestation. Some people are disappointed with the Hair & Body wash since it does also contain rosemary but doesn't ward off any new infestations, the reason being that it is a product that is rinsed out of the hair and does not have the same potent effect as our products that are made to be left on the hair throughout the day.

Do your products have grain alcohol in them? I noticed SD alcohol is mentioned in your shampoo and conditioner. 

SD Alcohol is actually an Ethanol which is a grain alcohol. This type of alcohol is used in cosmetics for a couple of different reasons. 1) To cause the product to dry faster and 2) To introduce oils, fragrance, etc. into a water based formula.

All other alcohols for cosmetics are considered fatty alcohols and are actually good for you. They are usually solid and waxy such as cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol.

I noticed that the hair/babywash that we have has sodium sweet almond amphoacetate in it. Has this almond product had the protein removed? 

The Sweet Almond Oil does contain almond protein.

Is the Zinc Oxide you contain in your Face & Body Sunscreen micronized, or not micronized? Also, is this zinc nano-zinc or non-nano zinc?

We have confirmed with our maufacturer that the Zinc Oxide we use is non-nano zinc, and is micronized, which is why it does not leave a white residue on your skin.

What are phytoestrogens?

In their natural state, phytoestogens exist within plants as a natural defense against herbivores. Soy is widely known as the most phytoestrogenic rich food found in the western diet and is usually something to actually avoid. Phytoestrogens are tricky due to their ability to mimic estrogen but behave in the complete opposite way of biological estrogen. Phytoestrogens affect the body by attaching to actual estrogen receptors. The effects of phytoestrogens have been considered very negative. For the majority of young women extra estrogen in the body can lead to inferility, more severe menstrual bleeding and cramps, polysysitic ovarian cancer syndrome and other certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer. Plant based estrogens may also lead to hormonal issues, including a higher risk of boys born with hypospadias. Another research study has even linked phytoestrogens to dementia. 

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break. According to the FDA- "Some phthalates are also often used in cosmetic products have been dibutylphthalate (DBP), used as a plasticizer in products such as nail polishes (to reduce cracking by making them less brittle); dimethylphthalate (DMP), used in hair sprays (to help avoid stiffness by allowing them to form a flexible film on the hair); and diethylphthalate (DEP), used as a solvent and fixative in fragrances as well." Within the past few years phthalates have been linked to asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity, type II Diabetes, autism spectrum disorders and even altered reproductive development and male fertility issues. Phthalates have been studied to indicate that companies should proceed with caution when using any chemical in the phthalate class, particularly in products for pregnant women or young children, whom the research has indicated are the most vulnerable to the effects of phthalates. 

I see that you use Rosemary in your products. I'm just curious why my rosemary oils say not to use on children under age 4 but you advertise your products being safe for "Babies & Up!"

We do not use essential oils in our products, as they are an unregulated industry. The Rosemary in Original Sprout products is actually an extract from Organic Rosemary plants, and nowhere near as concentrated as an essential oil can be. 


How much product do you suggest I use in my hair at one time?

A little goes a long way! However, depending on the length, thickness and quality of your hair it will vary. We mainly suggest starting out with a nickle sized amount in your hand and working it through your hair, brushing it through helps too! The preference is yours after that.

I am looking for a detangler for a 1 year old with lots of curls. What would be best?

We would recommend the Deep Conditioner­ as it contains no relaxing or strong chemicals at all. It is perfectly safe to use on your little ones hair. It will keep it soft and smooth once they're out of the bath and help you comb through with ease. Another beneficial product we suggest in addition to your bath time routine is our Miracle Detangler and Curl Calmer. It should really help with brushing hair without any problems or pain along with providing a fresh, clean, baby powder scent.

What product is best for after styling hair to seal ends give shine and keep body?

The best product to help you achieve this is our Tahitian Hair Oil, as it offers soothing, moisturizing silky softness directly into the hair cuticle and also smoothing any frayed, dead ends making hair look touchably healthy. 

The hair gel does not hold my style all day. Can you recommend a stronger product for my son's hair style?

Our Styling Balm has a thicker consistency and feels a bit more sticky, so the hold is better. We get a lot of great feedback for it working well with faux­hawks or pompadour hair styles.

Can Original Sprout products be used on dry hair, or just wet?

You may use Original Sprout products on either dry or wet hair. 

Is your Face & Body Sunscreen waterproof? How often should I reapply throughout the day?

Our Face & Body Sunscreen is not waterproof. We suggest applying sunscreen 20 mins before sun exposure, then once every hour or right after swimming and/or perspiration. You can even use our sunscreen as a base primer before applying any face makeup to help maintain long-lasting coverage. 

Shipping Information

What are your shipping rates?

We ship all orders via USPS Priority. All shipping rates will vary, depending on the weight and actual location of where your order will be shipping too. Every product has a weight, and when you are checking out the total weight is sent to the USPS server, and then registers how much it will cost to ship to the address from San Clemente, CA. We do however offer FREE SHIPPING for any national orders of $89.99 or more! 

How long will it take to ship my order?

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (PST) excluding weekends and any major holidays. ALL online orders ship within 1-2 business days after your order has been placed and "completed" through our website and usually takes 1-3 business days to receive your order depending on where you are located in the U.S. If you are an international customer ordering through our US website due to having no distributors that service your country please allow an extra 10-15 business days to receive your order. Original Sprout is not responsible for any delays you may experience for packages going through customs.  However if you are needing any documents in order to get your order through customs please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist and provide as much as possible.

Where do you ship from?

San Clemente, California

Why doesn't your website provide me with tracking information for my order?

Currently, our website does not provide the capability to provide tracking information once your order has been "completed" through our system. We apologize as we know this is some what of an inconvenience but we are working to fix this issue in the nearer future. For the time being, our Customer Service staff will be more than happy to provide you with your tracking number as soon as it becomes available (usually within 24 business hours after order has been placed.) Please feel free to call Customer Service at 888-805-2229 anytime during business hours Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm & Friday 8am-4:30pm for your tracking number. You may also send Customer Service an email anytime throughout your day and you will receive a response during regular business hours with your requested information. 

What if my package gets lost in transit?

If you have not received your package in the estimated 5-7 business days, (10-15 business days for international customers)  from the time you placed your order please feel free to contact us right away at 888-805-2229 and we will be happy to provide you with the exact date of when your order was sent, tracking information and assist with any other questions or concerns you may have regarding your order. If we determine that your package has been lost in transit, a claim with the service carrier will need to be filed. 

What if my products arrive damaged?

A photo for proof is recquired for the following instances in order for us to best determine what kind of resolution must be made. If your products arrived damaged due to carrier service in which your package was delivered we will be more than happy to file a claim. If your products arrive damaged and/or leaking due to the way your order was packaged a replacement order will be sent.