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Naturally Soothe Away Baby’s Cradle Cap

Cradle cap can be worrisome to any parent, especially a new parent with a new, innocent, soft-skinned little baby. However, cradle cap is nothing to be concerned about. It is simply a build-up of your baby’s natural oils and discarded skin cells. While baby grows early in life, hormone fluctuations can cause an increase in the skin’s oil production causing a mild to more severe build up.

The best way to treat cradle cap involves gently washing away the oils without drying or causing stress to your baby’s sensitive skin. Harsh cleansers can actually irritate baby’s skin, making matters worse or causing rashes and itchiness. Your goal is to keep that precious baby skin moisturized and healthy. Healthy, hydrated skin is happy skin, and a baby in happy skin is happy indeed!

It is important to use shampoos & body washes that are sulfate-free (sulfates dry skin out), and contain natural emollients like jojoba, almond, coconut, and apricot oils. These ingredients will serve two purposes: preventing new issues related to dry, itchy skin, and gently cleansing and moisturizing baby’s skin and hair resulting in healthy skin with no oily buildup. Regular use of a moisturizing shampoo/wash will gently and naturally clear your baby’s cradle cap issues.

The entire Original Sprout line of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and lotions was designed with sensitive skin in mind. See what these beautiful families are saying about their experience with cradle cap and Original Sprout:

Eliza G. shared, “Love you products. We have been using the body wash, conditioner, detangler and gel for 3 months we love the products. They completely cleared my babies cradle cap. I still have yet to try the lotion, maybe with our next order.” Sara M. wrote, “Thank you so much for making the 2-in-1 Baby Hair & Body Wash! Our 1-year-old had a horrible case of cradle cap, and the 2-in-1cleared it up quickly and left her hair beautiful and smelling terrific! We love your products!” Jane A. wrote, “Baylee’s been blessed with her mom’s ultra-sensitive skin. We had received many different baby shampoos and lotions as shower gifts, everything from Johnson’s to Belli Baby, to Burt’s baby bee. We had everything from high-end salon products to the Target brands. Nothing we used worked for Baylee. They were all drying her skin so bad, or if they didn’t dry her skin, they caused rashes. I sought out the Original Sprout products because David had told me about them a while back (long before we were thinking about kids). I’ve been using the moisturizing shampoo, the body cream, and the leave in conditioner on Baylee. Not only is her skin clear and well moisturized, the products smell so good, I could just eat her up after bathtime! J Thank you so much for making a product that works!”

And the UK’s 21st Century Mummy (www.21stcenturymummy.com) wrote on her blog, “Ever since my 3 year old was a baby, she has suffered from cradle cap, despite the fact I always used natural or organic baby shampoos. I have tried olive oil, cradle cap shampoos and various creams you get from the pharmacy, but nothing got rid of it…

…The hairdresser at Trotters recommended Original Sprout Baby Shampoo and Bodywash. She also recommended rinsing her hair in fresh water after her bath and not washing it every day. After only a few washes, the cradle cap disappeared. The result: One flake free daughter and one seriously happy mummy!”

So mom and dad, no need to fret over cradle cap. Gentle cleansing with a moisturizing wash/shampoo will bring baby’s skin back to its natural, healthy state in just a few washes.

Moisturizing Eczema-prone Skin with Original Sprout

Eczema is a dry, itchy, scaly rash that can make both children and adults uncomfortable. Predominantly affecting the face, hands, knees, and feet, eczema is most often associated with allergies, but can be triggered by any number of things including wearing scratchy fabrics, using certain soaps and detergents, and even stress.

The goal for any eczema treatment or prevention regimen is to keep the skin from becoming dry and irritated. This can be accomplished by using gentle, mild cleansers and shampoos that add moisture rather than cause dryness, and using an equally gentle moisturizer that contains soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as zinc and calendula. In some severe cases, eczema flare-ups require over-the-counter or prescription medication. If you suspect you or your child is suffering from eczema, consult with your doctor on the appropriate course of treatment.

Many of our amazing Original Sprout customers have seen an improvement or a complete disappearance of their eczema symptoms from regularly using Original Sprout’s Scrumptious Baby Cream and Face & Body SPF. Both of these products contain natural, vegan emollients like jojoba, apricot, almond, and coconut oils, as well as healing zinc that naturally soothes inflammation.

Meghan H. said: “Started using the baby wash, shampoo and leave-in conditioner on my almost-3 year old daughter. A rash she’s had for weeks is almost gone now. We’ve used it 3 times only. I am a convert. THANK YOU!!!”

And Michelle F. said: “I just started using these products and love them! My 4 year old has eczema and these products are really helping her. Keep up the great work Inga!”

Christie M. shared: “This is my son, who went from being a lathered butterball every morning and night and went without the ability to play outside unless the weather was just right…to a happy little boy with healthy skin and almost no flare ups from his eczema in the 2 years since we started using Original Sprout.”

Briana L. told us: “Ok, so my boyfriend got me a bottle of your natural shampoo and the conditioner, and my hair hasn’t been this soft since I was a kid! Then, (I know this sounds weird,) I tried the shampoo as a face wash. My face is extremely sensitive and every

face wash dries it out and leaves it red and irritated. Well, I figured if the natural shampoo is safe for babies, it should be gentle enough for my skin too. And my skin looks so clear and wonderful..after only 3 days! I haven’t had to use moisturizers and the redness has disappeared, along with my acne. Thank you so much Inga!”

We love hearing stories from our cherished customers. We never tire of hearing that we are meeting our goal of providing safe, non-irritating products that are helping families worldwide feel healthy, radiant, and comfortable in their own skin.

“Super Lice” Resistant to Over the Counter Chemical Treatments

In many schools, kids aren’t the only ones going back to school. It is estimated that roughly 10 million children worldwide between the ages of 3 and 11 are infected with lice annually. And recent studies report that many commercial products sold to treat lice are no longer working. The lice have built up a resistance to the chemicals.

So, what do we do? Even if the chemicals did work, there is concern over their toxicity to humans and the environment. In order to treat lice effectively, combing is a bare necessity, but Stanford’s Packard Children’s Health Services Pediatric Hotline says adding rosemary extract to our shampoo can help repel and kill lice.

Fortunately, Original Sprout’s 2-n-1 Hair & Body Wash, Natural Shampoo, and Miracle Detangler all contain Organic Rosemary and Organic Calendula. So, we use our great, moisturizing, natural shampoos on the whole family, then spritz on a little of our leave-in detangler and lice are sure to think twice about jumping into any of our lovely locks. Worry-Free Preventative Luxury in two simple steps!